Yii2 Lookup Module

You may be familiar with Lookup and might have used it in Yii framework. It provides good functionality to manage all of the optional data in one place, such as ‘Yes’, ‘No’ values or ‘Male’, ‘Female’ or any other type of optional values that you want to provide it end-user in any format (checkbox, radio button or dropdown).

It basically provides you with manage both integer part, textual part, order and status. So with these options you have the abililty to easily handle all of the data in one place using web interface.

following is one of the screen shot for the Lookup:

You can download this module by clicking here.

To configure this module, please follow the following steps:

Step # 1:

To add a lookup table to your database, following is the sql for lookup:

Step # 2:

To access the lookup functionality anywhere in you application (either frontend or backend) follow the following steps:

In your main.php under config folder add the following:

Step # 3:
Following are the few usage of lookup functionality:

/*** dropdown list from lookup ***/

/*** RadioButton List ***/

/*** CheckBoxes List ***/

/*** Dropdown List from Lookup ***/


Download Yii2 Lookup Module

I hope this may be of some help 🙂

Happy Coding 🙂


2 thoughts on “Yii2 Lookup Module

  1. arvi

    Nice, but lookup->item() method dont show unactive values. (problem for older datas where item was active)


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