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Ubuntu How to display PHP error messages

While working on Ubuntu, by default PHP error messages are disabled and while developing web application we need to enable debugging mode to better understand the error instead of blank screen.

Following are the step to solve this:

Step – 1:

Open terminal and type the following command to open the php.ini file

Step – 2:

Find the following line

and replace with following line

Step – 3:

Now restart the Apache so that the new changes will take effect, enter the following command in your terminal

now, you will be able to see PHP error messages in your PHP scripts.

Happy Coding!

Increase File Import Size in phpmyadmin

When we install phpmyadmin for the first time, it comes with default settings which are more than enough to carry out the normal tasks, but sometimes we do need to import files that exceeds the default limit and we getting max upload size error.

In order to solve this issue we can make changes to the php.ini file and overwrite the default settings to our preferred ones.

First, locate the php.ini file:

In windows (if wamp installation directory is C) you can find it:

In Ubuntu you can find it:

Once you have opened php.ini file in your favourite editor then find the following lines:

and change it to:

now that you are done with the changes, all you have to do is restart the apache.

Happy Coding!