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URL Rewriting using ISAPI_rewrite 2 for WordPress

Recently, I was working on a WordPress website for a client. For the development version I hosted that website on personal website as a sub-domain and after completing the website, client asked me to upload the site to his domain in-order to make it live.

When I checked the client hosting server: it was a windows based hosting with IIS 6 having PHP support. So when I transferred all of the data to this server… later I found out that except the main home page, no other page was working… I as was getting IIS 404 error page. The reason for this was: I used WordPress permalinks to make the url understandable. Upon contacting the hosting provider they said: I have to use httpd.ini to make this work.

After spending some quality time, finally I have solved the problem and below is the httpd.ini code for WordPress:


I hope, this will help you save your time and focus your energy on more important things 🙂

Happy Coding