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Yii2 How to Configure a Theme

A theme is directory of view and layout files. Sometimes one application may have more than one theme defending upon the requirements of the application.

Lets say, you want to create a theme named ‘test‘ and configure it with your application then:

  • In your application root, create a directory named ‘themes
  • Inside it create another directory named ‘test‘ (this will be your theme directory)
  • Copy ‘layouts‘ directory from ‘views‘ directory in your application and paste it in your newly created theme directory ‘themes/test
  • Open your configuration file and paste the following lines:

In the above, pathMap defines a map of original paths to themed paths while baseUrl defines the base URL for resources referenced by theme files.

In our case pathMap is [‘@app/views’ => ‘@app/themes/test’]. That means that every view in @app/views will be first searched under @app/themes/test¬†and if a view exists in the theme directory it will be used instead of the original view.

Happy Coding!